I'm going to start posting clinic success that I have weekly here and in a blog. I feel educating the public at 'what' Chinese medicine can do is important. 

1. Woman with fertliity issues get's pregnant after one month of treatment. She has been unable to get pregant for 10 years.
2. Woman with chronic miscarriages in first trimester is now in 3rd trimester.
3. Male with large prostate and frequent urination, after 5 weeks has his prostate shrunk in half
4. Male with chronic headaches, painful and stiff neck has relief for the first time in 20 years. Now with just 'two' days of pain relief, is feeling optimistic. He's only come 8 visits.
5. Woman with daily seizures is now down to 1-2 a week. She's only been treated for 2 weeks.

*These are all 'internal medicine' patients. I also have patients that come in for pain only treatments. These are extremely difficult and chronic cases, that no other modality has helped. These are the easiest to treat and at least a percentage of relief is immediate. Only about 1 out of 20 cannot be helped, and it's usually due to a structural issue.

I see the miraculous results daily from the power of Chinese medicine. It has been tried and tested and refined for thousands of years. It is simply Chinese herbal formulas and acupuncture. All natural.