Corporate Wellness and Acupuncture


A healthy employee is a happy employee!


Corporate Holistic Wellness Programs

The Qi Spot works with healthcare facilities like hospitals, clinics and wellness centers to promote employee wellness through various activities to support healthy behavior in and out of the workplace and facility and to improve healthy outcomes. The Qi Spot specializes in providing

  • Acupuncture Education for businesses and their employees
  • Acupuncture Consultation, Acupuncture Treatment and Herbal services to all employees, on demand
  • Partnered services through Naturopathic Medicine doctors, Yoga instructors, Massage therapists, Health Coaches, Nutritionists and Health and Fitness Clubs to provide holistic wellness to the workplace and healthcare facility when the need arises.

The Qi Spot designs a program specific to the healthcare facility’s needs and can provide Acupuncture consultation and treatment services on a half day, full day or on demand schedule depending on the needs of the business for their employees.

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