Rates, Payments and Benefits


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Rates and Payments

Rates are reasonable but depend on services required and provided. Individual rates are higher than Group rates. Discounts are given for fully prepaid services or services paid in full on the same day of treatment. A company may choose different payment options: 

  • Pay for services in part or full for the employees,
  • Or If employees have insurance benefits that cover Acupuncture, each employee may be responsible for their own treatment 
  • Or make other payment arrangements not mentioned above.

Employee Insurance Benefits

Most companies have medical insurance for their employees, but only some of those insurance plans have Acupuncture or alternative care benefits. We verify insurance benefits for each company and/or employee (deductibles, copays, maximum limits and usage). Each company and/or employee is then notified of their benefits and payment requirements before the treatment so that they come prepared.

Forms of Payments

The Qi Spot accepts medical and auto accident insurance, debit, credit cards, personal and company checks, square wallet, health savings account debit cards, and also gives receipts for reimbursements for Health Savings Accounts (HSA), Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), Health Reimbursements Accounts (HRA) and any other form of reimbursements. Payments 

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