We have big news.

New! 21 Day Detox and Weight loss program at The Qi Spot!


A lot of my patients have asked me for a ‘true’ detox protocol. I’ve finally come up with a protocol that is the real deal. Not only is it a detox, but on average women lose 8-14 pounds and men lose 12-18 pounds, in 21 DAYS!

The Qi Spot - 21 day Detox program that includes the following:

  • One hour initial consultation. Includes informational presentation, overall health intake, weigh in, pulse diagnosis, herbal consultation, and acupuncture treatment.

  • 4 Acupuncture treatments in addition to the initial and exit consultation treatments

  • 3 bottles of Chinese herbal formulas engineered specifically for your body.

  • 21 days worth of specific vitamins and minerals

  • Whole Food supplemental Meal replacement powder

  • Daily planner and cookbook

  • One hour exit consultation, weigh in and acupuncture treatment 

  • (Consultations include specific diet, yoga and lifestyle recommendations)

  • Cupping after each acupuncture treatment for detox

  • Tibetan herbal Foot soaks (one weeks worth)

  • Breathing exercises, specific yoga postures, foods specific for your body type, tongue and pulse diagnosis

  • This program is the most thorough Detox you’ll find. It is a balance of both Eastern and Western medicine, and it includes a plan specifically for your individual body.

  • Regular Price: $1240.00. Holiday special: $999.00 - Ends 1/31/2018

  • FAQ

    • Do I have to buy the whole package or can I pay for a consultation first? You can pay $180 for a full 1 hour initial consultation and once you commit to doing the package, at that 1st visit or at a later time, we will charge you the remainder of the package price.