Christine McCulloch, M.B.A

Business Operations Manager

Christine Bwayo McCulloch is Kenyan and met her husband Wade McCulloch in college 15 years ago, when she came to study Hotel, Restaurant, Resort Management here in the US. She worked in Restaurant management and consulting until 2006. Things changed in 2007 when they started The Qi Spot Acupuncture and Wellness Clinic.

Christine Bwayo McCulloch, M.B.A.

Christine Bwayo McCulloch, M.B.A.


Christine graduated with her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Hotel, Restaurant and Resort Management and a minor in Computer Information Systems, and a Master's Degree in Business Administration.

Professional Background

She has a professional background in business development, administration, operations, customer service and management in both the hospitality (hotel, restaurant and guest house) and healthcare (dental and acupuncture) industries. 

With past work experience from Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) Sher focus at the Qi Spot are patient welfare and wellness. She works with other wellness providers to bring a holistic approach to healthcare for Qi Spot patients.

"Educating our patients about Acupuncture is so important because it helps patients understand how it works and why it is important to stick with their treatment plans. Those who do, end up getting better faster than those who don't follow their treatment plans. Patients also holistically become more aware of themselves and know when to go see an Acupuncturist or when to visit their Primary Care Provider.  My next goal is to educate other healthcare providers to know when to refer patients to Acupuncture. We used to see many patients self refer for Acupuncture because they had tried everything or their family or friend told them to try Acupuncture for something, but now we are seeing more Primary Care Providers or Specialist refer their patients first to try Acupuncture before using invasive procedures. It will help patients heal and if not faster, and also save them a lot of money including unnecessary procedures"

Mentoring and Consulting

On the side, Christine is a small business healthcare consultant. She works with new and already practicing solo or partner (small) healthcare providers to develop and make sustainable businesses by using best practices. She mentors providers who want to be more hands-on with their businesses and need guidance and insight on how to manage their business but still be able to provide excellent care to their patients or clients. Visit her website for more information:


Christine currently serves on Hallinan Elementary School Advisory Committee, the Red Sweater Project Advisory Board, the Harambee Community Center Advisory Board, and the Lake Oswego Moms Club Working Moms Board. In the past she has been a part of the Marylhurst University Student Alumni Board and the Red Sweater Board. She enjoys social activities and physical activities like golf, rock climbing, running, and playing basketball and soccer with her kids.