Micah Hogan L.M.T

Micah Hogan, L.M.T.

Micah Hogan, L.M.T.

Independent Massage Therapist at The Qi Spot Downtown Portland location

Micah Hogan is a healer and a teacher with 12 years experience as a massage therapist. He finds joy in inspiring others to strive for personal greatness or simply achieve a healthier well being. 

Raised by revolutionary thinker and golf instructor Chuck Hogan, Micah grew up learning the art of personal development through positive mental imagery. As an adult he has practiced and shared these skills through the meditations of rigorous martial arts training.   

Micah graduated East-West College in 2002 and has continued his education through work experience, travel, and the study of eastern philosophy, all of which have greatly influenced his thinking and massage techniques.

He has worked as a therapist in all types of venues, from luxury spas to post surgical rehab centers and professional athlete training facilities. He has been lucky enough to help thousands of individuals from all backgrounds recover from injuries. 

Micah likes to enjoy the great Pacific Northwest by spending his time hiking, biking and sailing with his wife Andrea.

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