FREE Acupuncture informational talk/social event 

on using ACUPUNCTURE including for STRESS and PAIN Management

Thursday, February 12th, 2015

from 6pm to 8pm

at Club Sport in Tigard, OR

Presented by: Wade McCulloch, L.Ac., M.S.O.M, Owner of The Qi Spot

Bring a loved one, friend or colleague

You will learn

What is Acupuncture, what it treats and how it works     

How Acupuncture works for stress management

Using Acupuncture for Pain Management

Question and Answer session at the end of the Presentation

You will have a chance to ask our highly recommended Acupuncturist general and personal questions about what Acupuncture treats.


Wade McCulloch, L.Ac., M.S.O.M. is an Acupuncture Doctoral Candidate, practicing Acupuncturist and owner of The Qi Spot Acupuncture Clinic located in Lake Oswego and Downtown Portland. He has 8 years of Acupuncture experience and high success rate in treating patients with infertility (both men and women), pregnancy-related issues, sports injuries and general pain issues, allergies, digestive disorders, internal medicine issues and motor vehicle or any accident related issues


·         Childcare is provided at Kids World (Members: Free, Non-Members: $5 per hour per child - Max. 2 hours)

drinking and dining·      

  Food, Beer, Wine and other drinks can be bought at the Restaurant (Courtside Bar & Grill) and brought into the Conference room for your convenience.